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The IGET Mega Vape Pen – A Review

The IGET Mega Vape Pen from IGET is an amazing vape pen that's made for people who want to enjoy the best vaping experience. It offers a powerful battery, an advanced temperature control system and two atomizers so that you can customize your vaping experience by choosing between four different temperature settings with each of them offering its own unique flavor profile.

The IGET Mega Vape is a new type of vaporizer that is designed to be used with cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. It has the ability to vaporize tobacco at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 degrees Celsius. This means that it can vaporize any type of tobacco product without burning it.

This is why the IGET Mega vape is so popular among smokers. It allows them to enjoy their favorite smokes without having to worry about the health risks associated with smoking traditional cigarettes.

The IGET Mega vape works by heating up the liquid in the tank until it turns into vapor which then passes through a tube into your mouthpiece where you inhale it like normal smoke would come out when someone smokes an actual cigarette or cigar or pipe.

The biggest difference between this type of vaping device and others on the market today is that instead of just heating up flavoured e-juice like most other devices do today, it heats up actual tobacco leaves instead which makes for better tasting smoke than other types of vapes do because they don't burn anything or have any chemicals added into them as some other brands do!

The IGET Mega is our best-selling vape pen that's loved around the world, and it's finally available in Australia! The IGET Mega Australia offers a leak-proof tank, easy refilling, battery life of up to 300 puffs, and flavours such as fruity, menthol and coffee.It is our mission to provide you with an exceptional vaping experience that will give you a more exciting way of life.

In the past few years, we have had many people ask us about our electronic cigarettes and e-juice. We give them a free E-juice sample every time they ask, as a way to thank them for supporting our business.Those looking for a new vaping experience are in for a treat. The IGET Mega e-cig is here to change the game: it's not just any vape pen, it comes with an innovative design and a sleek body.

It's the first vape to come with a USB charger that allows you to charge the device while it's inside its case! Available in four flavours - tobacco, mint, grape, apple - this vape pen has five levels of nicotine strength. You can get it in black or white colours too.


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