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Correctly Form Contradictions and the Problem of Dissertation Research

Where does any work begin? Of course, with the definition of goals and objectives, as well as the most important points that need to be addressed. This rule applies both in science and in any other industry, field of activity.

When performing research work, it is important not only to study the theoretical aspects within the chosen topic, but also to determine the problem: what needs to be solved, how it will affect the development of science / industry or object, etc. It is the research problem that emphasizes the relevance of the issue, the novelty and significance of the project generally.

Term papers and theses are medium-sized materials that are designed to consolidate the course and demonstrate the ability to use the acquired knowledge and skills. Writing a PhD and doctoral dissertation pursues a different goal: to make a discovery, to resolve a significant issue, to solve an urgent problem in new, more effective ways. Here, identifying and concretizing the problem plays an important role.

The statement of the problem predetermines the author’s further actions: what exactly he will study and analyze, what literature to use, what methods to use, etc. Therefore, when writing any research project, it is correct to determine the “vulnerability” that has not found a final solution so far. Today, specialists are ready to help in the correct formulation and formulation of this criterion.

Controversy and research problem: the same thing?

When performing research work, the author has a colossal work to do: searching for information, studying and analyzing it, processing and systematizing data suitable for disclosing the topic. Throughout the project, the author understands a certain situation, raises a specific issue and tries to solve it with new methods, taking into account efficiency.

Statement of contradiction and research problems

In the student and scientific community, it is commonly believed that in order to formulate and concretize the problem, it is necessary to identify a contradiction. Partly, it is. But not every identified contradiction can be reclassified as a problem of scientific work.

Specification of the research problem

Problem solving is a step-by-step and complex process that is revealed throughout the scientific work. In the theoretical part, the author will talk about existing theories and standards, ways to eliminate them, show the decrease in effectiveness and the feasibility of changes. In the practical part, he demonstrates his own skills in diagnosing a problem, offers new combinations and algorithms for solving it using a specific example (object) and predicts the result (proves or refutes his own assumption).

In fact, the identification of contradictions and specification of the problem is the central link of scientific work, which allows you to determine the feasibility of innovations and the competence of a specialist. Proper formulation of this parameter is the key to success in the implementation and defense of the dissertation. The specification of the problem in the text should be short and concise.

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