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Don’t you agree that skateboarding means to be fun and one of the biggest reasons why you took up skateboarding was to perform some cool tricks as the pros do? I must say that skateboarding is a challenging sport so it is not surprising that skaters come to this sport to break their limits.

Despite the time you have been spending on practicing skateboarding, you would always find that there is something wrong with the trick you are performing. However, this insecure problem happens to all skaters so don’t be so worried.

In order to gain admiration from the public, a skating website called SkateAdvisors has discussed some tricks that make skaters look cooler and several ways to boost their confidence. Even the most experienced skater would go through a stage when they can not believe in themself and often find it extremely hard to perform in public.

From my experience, I have found several ways to boost your confidence whenever you have a board under your feet. Hence, the situation with skateboarding tricks can be significantly improved, especially for new skaters who do not believe in their ability.

The key thing to make a skater look cool in skateboarding is to believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of failing a trick. No professional skater can give a stunning performance without making so much effort on their first day. In order to help all skaters going through this first challenge, below are some tips from my point of view.


It is undeniable that stretching makes everything go smoothly, especially when you have to perform difficult tricks that involve the operation of all parts of your body. If you haven’t known why stretching is so important in skateboarding, you can visit the instructions taught by SkateAdvisors on muckrack.


When nobody notices your performance, the easiest way to impress others is to pivot constantly. You can pivot either counterclockwise or the reversed direction as long as you feel the most comfortable. After all, don’t feel embarrassed if you fail at some point while performing.


Skaters need to shrug everything off so that they can show the others that they have worked so hard for that trick. By doing that, people can have empathy in case your performance has some problems. Moreover, it also shows that you have worked on the lower and higher level of your skating skills.


Long stretching, kickflip tailslide, or some other slides can be added to your performance in case you are performing in a skate place. A useful way to communicate with the audience is to talk to them while you have a little break during your performance. This also indicates that you are a local skater who knows this area so well. However, don’t be too dramatic since people can easily spot a poser based on some typical signs as stated by SkateAdvisors on crunchbase.

Finally, you just need to be yourself and better feel comfortable during your skating session.


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