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What is Acoustic?

Acoustic is an English term, translated into Vietnamese means auditory, belongs to sound... This type of music uses classical instruments made of wood or classical. Completely opposite of using electronic instruments such as electric guitar, organ, bass... in music, electro songs. Maybe that's why acoustic is also called rustic music. In addition, acoustic is called rustic music because of the rustic nature inside.

Acoustic music has an emphasis on the vocalist's voice. It does not have the noise of the bass, of the electric guitar, without the excitement of the drums. Instead, it is a simple, rustic simplicity that slowly touches the listener's heart. Therefore, acoustic music is quite picky about singers and listeners.

The birth and essence of acoustic

When electronic musical instruments were born such as electric guitar, organ, electric violin, multi-instrument, it wasn't long before acoustic music was gradually popularized in the music market. However, unlike the excitement and noise, the strange acoustic tends to be rustic and simple.

Thus, the essence of acoustic music is peace and simplicity.

Acoustic music does not have the support of any electronic musical instruments, but the singer will express real emotions. The singer's voice and emotions are the factors that determine the success or failure of the song. It is a surprising fact that the first acoustic players were rockers.

Every word in the name acoustic shows the meaning of this music:

A is Agreeable: Pleasant

Acoustic is a piece of rustic and simple music from the lyrics of the song, the way the artist expresses it, the sound that creates it. Everything is moderated and simplified, so it is easy to go into people's hearts, bringing comfort and warmth.

C stands for Creative: Creative

Acoustic is not fussy, does not limit the artist to play any instrument. Any object that makes a sound can become an instrument such as bottles, keyboards, spoons, bowls, etc.

The creativity is also reflected in the artist's unlimited creative tools. Many acoustic tracks are rewritten based on popular songs or old songs.

O is Ordinary: Ordinary

The idyllic rustic nature of acoustic comes from musical instruments, the sound is popular but warm and deep. Acoustic players do not need to flaunt, dress sophisticatedly, "quality" like rock players, because acoustic is not noisy, loud, acrid but gentle, deep, touching the hearts of listeners.

Acoustic audiences also don't need to sit in a luxurious tea room space like the bolero. Listeners just need to know how to listen, feel and have a heart that loves music.

U is Unlimited: Unlimited

Acoustic music is welcomed by a wide range of audiences, without limits. Can be students, students, office workers, young people, middle-aged people, even elderly people.

There is no limit to acoustic music in the performance space. No need to be ostentatious, fussy, the acoustic space just needs to be a corner of a cafe, a small corner of a shady yard…

S – Simple: Simple, rustic

Artists who play acoustic music do not need to show off their technical, internal strength, and passion. Their vocals are simple, truly combined with the rusticity of woodwind instruments. It is the simplicity and simplicity that touch the hearts of the listeners.

I am Inspired: Inspiration

The uniqueness of acoustic is not only rustic and simple but also touches the hearts of people who listen to music, sowing in their hearts a settled emotion. Listeners can hum along with melodious lyrics or move to tears. This is the harmony and empathy that not all music can do.

C is Characteristic: Personality

When it comes to acoustic music, the artist does not need to pay attention to the slant and technique too much. Instead, it is the transmission of emotions and its own distinct musical personality through vocals.

What instrument do you need to play acoustic music?

Acoustic music is not limited to the number of instruments and sounds, but there are 4 basic types: Piano, guitar, shaker drum, Cajon drum.

Or players can use any instrument (except electronic instruments) to create the desired sound. You can even use bottles smashing together, high fives... to create your music without being constrained, without being fussy.

Acoustic music playing technique

Acoustic is rustic and simple, so the playing technique is not very demanding. When playing, players often have to place a microphone in front of acoustic instruments. Or the sound is emitted to transmitters such as speakers and headphones through electronic audio amplifiers.

Acoustic music players do not need to show off their voices and sophisticated and skillful phrasing techniques. An acoustic band usually has 3-4 people. They play basic instruments such as drums, acoustic guitar, Cajon. Sometimes there is only one person who plays and sings at the same time or sings and knocks at the same time.

Acoustic music space

There are plenty of spaces where acoustic music can be played as long as it's quiet. Such as a tea room, coffee shop, or gathering.

The way to enjoy and feel acoustic music is a gentle, quiet, and cozy space. Therefore, most tea rooms are acoustic players because people like peace and quiet after a stressful working day.

Acoustic music is often inferior to other genres, but the audience is very stable. To create a place for acoustic, players need to avoid the mistake of playing a boring color.

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