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Awakening of the Vines in February | Vineyard Update


are coming on early this year for North Georgia Vineyards. As of march 10, our Noiret and Seyval Blanc have budded on the long pruning shoots. With eminent frost and cold temperatures lingering, long pruning is beneficial on earlier varieties so far.

long pruning is a technique that can delay the push of the lowest buds in order to provide a little extra time to get into warmer weather. the vines pictured on vertical shoot positioning trellis have employed the technique. the youngest vines, Albarino, is beginning to bud swell. 3rd year vines can be challenging on early budding years due to the fact that most vines are not old enough to really utilize techniques such as long pruning.

We decided this year to final prune the Norton in hopes that it will not reach bud swell until we into warmer weather. some of the block shows that it is not far from bud swell in areas that receive more water. The recent temprature drop has seemed to slow the awakening down on all the blocks of vines. As always with farming, theres never a dull moment in the vineyard. Let's hope for no more frost!

Justin McNeill

Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

Chateau Meichtry Family Vineyard and Winery



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